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This is the definitive weekly summary of the very best reading, watching, and listening in the field of self-discovery, as well as a download on who has been featured on the Inner Truth podcast this week.

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New Discoveries Of The Week

What I’m Reading

The Alter-Ego Effect by Todd Herman (Amazon)

I just finished an advanced-copy of this book ahead of next week’s podcast with its wonderful author, Todd Herman.

Todd is one of the world’s leading human-performance coaches, working with everyone from pro-athletes to CEOs to your day-to-day careerists. Over the past 20 years he has pioneered and refined a remarkably simple and effective process for helping individuals break through obstacles to achieve peak performance.

The solution? Develop an alter-ego for yourself that embodies the qualities you wish to have.

It sounds simple, perhaps even ‘fake it to you make it’, but actually the process of creating your own avatar holds strong grounding in archetypal psychology. Put simply, embodying Superman, Batman or Wonderwoman, for a specific field of play in your life (say public speaking), actually achieves demonstrable improvements in performance.

The process helps create narrative clarity in your mind (sorts positive and negative thoughts), gives you a strong sense of ‘activating’ hidden qualities within yourself, and promotes courageous behaviour.

Long story short, it’s a simple tool that speaks to the incredible power of our imaginative faculties as well as the malleability of human consciousness.

The book and our podcast together are released next Tuesday 5th February.

Article That Caught My Attention

What Is The Meaning Of Life? by The Book Of Life (Website)

A beautiful and simple piece from the guys at the Book Of Life on the meaning of life.

In it, the author distils the meaning of life into the pursuit of human flourishing through communication, understanding and service.

With great honesty and insight, she speaks to the blind spots we each face in these areas which can found as much in culture as they can in our biology. To uncover them requires a sobering but playful self-honesty:

“We need to have a culture conducive to fostering an understanding of oneself and the world. The enemies of this include being surrounded by mass media that throws out chaotic information or an academic environment that promotes dead, sterile investigations.”

“We may not have meaningful lives yet, but it’s central to affirm that the concept of a meaningful life is eminently plausible – and that it comprises elements that can be clearly named and gradually fought for.

What Happened This Week At Inner Truth?

This week, Inner Truth turned one year old (!) and to celebrate, we launched our brand new podcast series Humans Of Inner Truth.

Humans is a new series sharing incredible, unique, and stripped-back stories of self discovery.

Each episode is a self-told, deeply personal tale of healing, encompassing revelation, love, vulnerability, courage, and eventual triumph.

The folks sharing recall their struggles, breakthroughs and insights, so you can see inside some of these amazing transformations of consciousness.

Over the year, I’ll be interviewing people that have gone through some incredible experiences including 30 day silent retreats, vision quests, desert pilgrimages, psychedelic journeys and so on…

Podcast I Recorded This Week

Humans Of Inner Truth

Curing Obsession

In this inaugural episode, Ollie Kristian tells the incredible story of healing from beauty obsession through the use of the plant medicine Iboga.

Travelling to the USA, he took a flood-dose of the medicine, something typically reserved for the most chronically addicted patients.

The experience and the result was nothing short of remarkable.

A story that is in parts almost impossible to believe, this is a tale of human strength, courage, and the incredible healing power of plants.

You can find it in the usual places on Spotify + iTunes and online here.

Psychedelics… You Questions Answered

Last week I asked the community for your questions on psychedelics + this week’s podcast tries to answer them.

In this week’s episode with plant medicine expert Isa Gucciardi, you’ll discover:

– How to know if/when plant medicine is right for you
– How to frame and phrase your intention
– The best way to set yourself up beforehand
– How to interpret the experience afterwards
– What practices help get the most out of the journey
– The most common mistakes + how to avoid them
– Some incredible stories of breakthrough insights + emotional healing

You can find it in the usual places on Spotify + iTunes and online here.

And lastly the quote I’m reflecting on…

Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.


That’s it for this week!

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