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This is the definitive weekly summary of the very best reading, watching, and listening in the field of self-discovery, as well as a download on who has been featured on the Inner Truth podcast this week.

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New Discoveries Of The Week

What I’m Reading

he Abundance Project by Derek Rydall (Amazon)

Abundance seems to be what everybody wishes to have, but has a hard time defining for themselves in a way that doesn’t come from a place of lack.

Answering this Catch-22 is at the heart of Derek Rydall’s book on bringing prosperity into your life.

As I’m relatively skeptical of new-age approaches to capitalism, I tried to read the book by hand-picking successful people I know well and cross-referencing their behaviour to what Rydall proposes.

The most clear belief systems that mapped over were a focus on giving. If you want to feel abundant in any area, you must focus on giving generously there first.

Whatever is missing in your life is whatever you’re not giving.

The second was a love for the process of creating + problem-solving, not a focus on the outcome. Right actions come from love and as its a journey to fruition, you must infuse the process with love.

The piece I struggled most with was cultivating a ‘having’ consciousness – essentially not ever entertaining a sense of loss or lack. I can’t help feeling that those who achieve well are all too aware of their heaven and their hell. Setting a clear vision of both helps create both push and pull forces in the psyche.

Abandoning the concept of lack seems to remove the stick needed to battle the archetypal forces of laziness and fear that we all face.

That said, if the goal is to feel unconditional abundance, then perhaps in its own Catch-22 way, Rydall helps you realize you don’t need more money to do that in the first place.

Latest Thing I’m Playing With:

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd (Website)

I’ve written about Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys before but like all good things in life, it just keeps giving. Over the months since I first really delved into it, I’ve found myself continually drifting to the knowledge it shares, particularly insights around deeper shadow patterns + beliefs.

For those unaware, the Gene Keys is a wisdom system based for the most part on the I’Ching. Inputting your date/time/place of birth you receive your hologenetic profile, essentially a map of your conscious and unconscious struggles from shadow to light in the different axioms of life (romance, purpose, prosperity etc).

The thing I like about it is that it feels like it’s starting to prove itself. I’d mostly forgotten my initial reading, and yet clearly there are some archetypal energies at force that continue to prompt the messages back to the surface.

Try it and see what you think. The reading is free, the book is c.$15, and there are dozens of free resources on site to wrap your head around it.

Watch this space for a podcast episode on this…

What Happened This Week At Inner Truth?

This week has been an odd one wrapping up a very weather-beaten road trip along the coast of California. We enjoyed some sublime moments of connection in nature and some not so fun tent-packing in torrential rain.

Still, I’m pleased to report 2019’s mission to ‘play more’ was not disrupted and I’ve been relearning to skateboard in the streets of CA, with varying degrees of success.

In the downtime, I’ve been writing fairly furiously on a host of topics including breathwork, psychedelics, meditation, morning routines and so on, so you can expect to see a lot of new and detailed blog content online in the coming weeks which I’ll send direct to you in the roundup emails this year.

Speaking of which, lots of people have been in touch about going sober in 2019. If you’re considering it (or already a few weeks into it), I highly recommend the podcast I did with the wonderful Ruby Warrington as well as a Spotlight episode that landed just before Christmas with Ruari Fairburns of One Year No Beer. Both have a lot of amazing advice and you can get 25% off OYNB products with the coupon code INNERTRUTH.

Lastly, I put a call out on Instagram for listener-questions to a Q&A episode I’ll be recording next week with one of the world’s best plant medicine integration therapists (damn, that’s a funky job title). Long story short, if you have a burning question about plant medicines + psychedelics, comment on the post or just reply back to this email.

It’ll be going live on January 29th, but for this week …

Podcast I Recorded This Week

Upgrading your consciousness(Manex ibar)

Few people I have met in my years of travels and self-discovery understand as much about the way people operate as the shaman + visionary Manex Ibar.

Last year we recorded an amazing episode on Human Design which was all about understanding your energetic blueprint. This episode we pick up the thread on how you can access your energy field and optimize it for massive changes in perception + performance.

In this episode you’ll discover:

– What your energy field is;⠀
– How the body’s energy field is configured;⠀
– How frequencies in your field change and how this alters your perception of the world;⠀
– What changing your energy field will do for you physically, mentally, and spiritually; and
– What you can do to shift yours and access your true power.⠀

Manex works privately with clients 1-1 and rarely speaks in public so this episode is a wonderful opportunity to get some inside information on a powerful field within self-discovery.

I hope you enjoy! ⠀

You can find it in the usual places on Spotify + iTunes and online here.

And lastly the quote I’m reflecting on…

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


That’s it for this week!

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