The Sphinx Code: The Map Of Your Subconscious Archetypes

The legendary psychologist Carl Jung once said “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” and like so many of his insights, its wisdom runs several layers deep.

Jung knew that as humans we are each programmed with subconscious patterns through childhood that often end up blocking our true nature as adults. As a result, as we mature in life we can often feel that we’re living out of alignment with ourselves and the deepest aspects of our true essence.

His 40 years of psychological study took him deep into the depths of the subconscious to unearth the patterns of the unconscious mind and learn how to bring us back into alignment. Dreamwork, psychoanalysis and comprehensive study led him to the discovery of archetypes as the hidden language of the psyche and the most profound tool for psychological insight.

Jung came to learn that we are each born with a unique purpose and a soul path that could be revealed by our subconscious patterns, and in the later stages of his career became fascinated with ancient and astrological systems to explain this. He would frequently look at his patients’ birth charts in relation to their dreams, and became a deep proponent of ancient eastern wisdom systems to help bring psychological clarity (he even wrote the foreword to the first English translation of the I’Ching). 

In short he laid the foundations in the 20th century for bringing ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology together to reveal the deepest insights into our true nature and the greater purpose of our lives.

The wisdom has been in the collective unconscious in a variety of forms (Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology to name a few) and its most profound clarity comes through in the form of the Sphinx Code.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.


What Is The Sphinx Code?

The Sphinx Code is an incredible wisdom system that blends Numerology and the Tarot to reveal precise insights about the workings of your subconscious mind. It uses a unique algorithm combined with your birth date to create a diamond-shaped map of the archetypes of your mind.

The map reveals profound insight into your life, including your inner gifts, the negative patterns from your childhood, and what you’re here to bring to the world as a gift and an energy. It shows how you behave in intimate relationships, what you’re here to do as a soul mission, and how to transform the karma you came into life with.

It was channeled over 10 years ago by the world-renowned shaman and mystic Manex Ibar along with 2 other psychics and experts in the Tarot. Over the past decade it has been used in thousands of readings on people across all walks of life, including many Hollywood actors and actresses, CEOs and even members of the royal family.

The Sphinx Code Blueprint

What the Sphinx Code does is lay out a map or a Blueprint of your subconscious mind. This map contains the archetypes that most impact and shape the way your subconscious mind works and shows you how you think and behave. 

If you look at the map you’ll see it has two pyramids inverted and stacked on top of each other with a bar running on the right side. The bottom pyramid represents your incarnation, so we call it the incarnation pyramid. It contains all of the conditioning you’ve received in your life, primarily from your parents and your family, and therefore all of the lessons you need to learn and transcend in this incarnation.

Then, above that, the top pyramid shows you the aspects of your highest self, your soul. These are the archetypal qualities you will take on as you transform into higher states of consciousness by going through your shadow below. These are all the archetypes that are innate to you and belong to you. They will be a part of your experience all of your life, and whether you find peace, success, fulfilment is really found in the mastery of the lessons of these archetypes. 

Everything along the right hand side is to do with your masculine aspects and that is everything to do with your external facing self, it’s your will, your creative expression, and essentially the work and professional aspects of your life. Everything on the left side is your feminine, that’s your interior side, your intimate archetypes, and it’s how you show up in your intimate relationships and your relationship with yourself. 

On the right hand side of the pyramids is your bar of transcendence. These are archetypes that sit outside of you, not necessarily belonging to your incarnation, but they play a crucial role in how you transcend the shadow and move into your light body, your truth and your authentic self. 

There are several ways of reading through your Sphinx Code depending on what aspect you’re interested in.

The Destiny journey of your Sphinx Code is one of the paths through your Blueprint and it’s concerned with what you’re here to bring to the world as an energy and as a gift (masculine archetypes). It’s everything in the centre and right side of the diamond (cards B, C, F, K, N).

It starts with Card B, your inner child or essence, which is what you were born with and what you’re here to bring to the world as an energy and a gift. It is the true you underneath the ego identity and conditioning you received as a child.

Cards C and F are the core conditioning you received growing up, and it’s everything that then turns into limiting beliefs and shadow patterns of behaviour that block your innate power. These are all the ways you limit yourself through negative thinking and behaviour, but also all of the gifts you will unlock as you become aware and transform these.

To transform these shadow archetypes you must align with your personal harmonisation archetype. This is Card H and it’s the most important aspect of your Sphinx Code. Through aligning with the means and mission of Card H, you heal the wounds of your shadow in C/F and allow your true essence in B to pour through. As you do so, you start to take on the qualities of your soul or higher self.

As spirit comes through you more freely, you then adopt these new exalted archetypes shown by Cards K and N. Your inner child essence also comes out fully and blossoms into its exalted form in Card J. All of this puts you in your path to achieving your soul mission in life (card P).

How To Ignite Your Real Gifts And Manifest Your True Purpose

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The Archetypes of the Tarot

Each of these card positions on your Blueprint are populated with the archetypes from the 22 cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Archetypes are essentially the name we give to common symbols, images, myths and motifs that we can all agree upon regardless of race, culture, time-span. They are timeless truths. 

The idea of archetypes as a common language between all of us is a really important one in psychology because it helps us develop our understanding of the deepest part of the mind. The concept was really popularised by one of most important and influential thinkers of the 20th century, the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. 

In short, he established archetypes and symbolism as the language of subconscious mind. At the top level, this 5% of waking consciousness, we can think about life in many complex ways, but in the 95% that sits beneath, the operating system is powered by much simpler constructs but way, way more powerful. Once you understand archetypes and how to work with them, you are at the wheel of extreme power as it relates to your own mind and shaping your future. This really is the power of knowing your archetypes. You can try all your life to take action and make change using the 5% of your conscious mind, but if you’re pushing against forces you’re not even aware of that sit in the 95% of the rest of your mind, you’re like a surfer going against the wave. It’s a real mess and creates a lot of confusion.

Jung’s findings are relatively recent, but actually over the last 2,500 years many different systems and codifications of archetypes have taken place. In the East there was the I Ching in Taoism (which has 64 hexagrams or archetypes), or in the West Astrology which has the planets + moons and their various archetypal meanings, and then of course perhaps the oldest and most well known in the West is the Tarot. 

Nobody really knows how the Tarot developed except to say we know it started in France around the 16th century as playing cards. These cards represented common societal characters and members of court, things like the joker, or the priest, and then they broadened out to include natural elements like the moon, the sun, and then also more mystical characters like the magician or the devil. They would also include really common personal life experiences like judgement, or death. So you ended up with this suite of 22 common archetypes in what they call the major arcana.

These 22 cards depicted the life journey of any human being from beginning to end. What they really show are the transformation of consciousness, how you have an experience, go through it, learn from it and then express it afterwards, which is basically happening to us every single day, from the tiniest thing like going out somewhere new or entering into a serious relationship.

So these archetypes are primal forces, we all experience them, just like we all know what it’s like to lose something or someone we love, or to be worried, or be happy. These are cornerstone experiences, that are core to the human life. Nobody can escape them. So in fact each of these 22 cards or archetypes, you know and have experienced on some level, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 

Aligning With Your Sphinx Code

What the Sphinx Code does is use the 22 archetypes and show you which of these you have the greatest resonance with and proclivity towards acting out in your own life. Each of the 22 archetypes has its own essence, its own energy, and its own properties. When you see it placed on your Sphinx Code and learn what it means there, you’ll see what the core underlying energy of your subconscious is in that part of your life.

This is how it shows you where the waves are in your mind, so you can direct your attention like a surfer and ride the waves of your mind properly. When you do that, you get into ‘flow’ state, the marriage of your conscious and subconscious mind. Where people get into difficulty, it is typically because they are paddling against these archetypes and it’s often the conditioning of our minds that causes us to go against our true nature.

Each archetype has an essence, a particular quality to it, and it also has polarities. Light and dark aspects which manifest as optimal and detrimental character qualities. When you’re out of alignment with an archetype, you will suffer the shadow aspects of it, the specific limiting beliefs and psycho emotional behaviours.

Likewise, when you’re in balance, you receive the gifts and benefits of it. So none of the archetypes are inherently bad, in fact, they’re all good, it’s actually our misperception of them that creates negative outcomes for us. Every archetype has optimal and detrimental aspects depending on how you orient the lens of your perception in daily life. As you learn your archetypes, clean your perception through awareness, you start to come into unconscious flow states, when creativity, inspiration, love, and all higher aspects of ourselves flow through.

So each of the 22 cards in the Tarot is quite unique and each one will show you different information about you depending on where it falls within your Sphinx Code. It will give you insight on your belief systems, your behaviour patterns, and your psycho-emotional experience. So you can see that the Sphinx Code is really specific to you, really practical, and really powerful.

When you see your archetypes, it makes sense of all the feelings and intuitions you’ve almost certainly been feeling throughout your life and it feels amazing to know what it is you need to go for and what it is you were born to do.

It gives you incredibly precise insight about your real purpose, your inner gifts, and your negative patterns, so you can see where the struggle has been, how to ignite your real gifts and how to align to your highest self.

How To Ignite Your Real Gifts And Manifest Your True Purpose

Get your Sphinx Code and unlock your spiritual superpowers now

Get Your Sphinx Code Today

If you want to get your Sphinx Code, The Destiny Course will give you your archetypal blueprint and a 5-day video training into your unique individual subconscious archetypes.

In the course you discover:⁠

  1. Your real inner essence and what you’re here to bring to the world⁠
  2. The shadow patterns, psycho-emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs you’ve adopted from childhood for transformation⁠
  3. What your soul mission is and how to align to it⁠
  4. How to optimally express your gifts out into the world⁠
  5. How to align with your archetypes for transformation⁠

In Session 1, we begin with the archetype your inner child, your inner essence. This is your true self as an energy and what you’re here to bring to the world as a gift and as an energy.

Then in Session 2 we will start to look at your shadow aspects and your wounds. These are the unconscious limiting beliefs you’ve picked up in early childhood that are holding you back from manifesting your true essence in life. It’s the things that prevent you from taking the leap on a new project or job or its the thing that most commonly robs you of your power and puts you in a victim state. It’ll probably feel quite familiar, but this as we will learn is a great thing, because we can use that to begin the transcendence journey.

Session 3 is all about aligning with your true power. Once you know your victim patterns and you see that is just a program, it’s not actually you, you can jump start the transformation process by aligning to this archetype which is called your key to harmonisation. This card is super important and so we’ll be studying it in detail so you know and become deeply familiar with your power card.

Then Session 4 is about once you know your core essence, you know what causes you to stray off it, and you know how to align, these two cards are your keys to transformation, these are the power cards for how to really deliver your energy to the world in the most optimal way. They really help you understand what is the best kind of work and vocation for you, and figure out what is not. If you’re trying to figure out how to best align yourself in work, or looking for a new career path, this is going to be incredibly helpful for you.

And lastly, session 5 is about practice, practical steps, and tips for mastery of this wisdom system. There is a lot of insight in your Blueprint and it can take a little while to process and take action on, so here we give you some of the best advice for really taking this insight and making the absolute most of it right away so you can start seeing the benefits right away and getting greater fulfilment, confidence, and and sense of purpose.  

So if you want to see the greater purpose of your life and how to ignite your real gifts into the world, you can sign up now and get instant access to your Sphinx Code blueprint right away.

How To Ignite Your Real Gifts And Manifest Your True Purpose

Get your Sphinx Code and unlock your spiritual superpowers now