Transform Your Fear

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An audio course on how to mindfully turn fear into your best friend.

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Rethink fear.

Transform Your Fear

We all struggle with feelings of fear about the new, the unknown, and the unpractised.

Worrying about how we will act, be perceived, and potentially be judged.

These fears left unattended, can mount up and keep us stuck in old, familiar patterns of behaviour, preventing us from realising new experiences, creating new relationships and ultimately, actually enjoying life.

Instead, we end up feeling inhibited by our fears and our shadows.

But what if all of these fears were not really yours to begin with? What if they were adopted into your mind from a young age, and in fact you have the capacity to transform them through paying attention, stepping into them, and feeling through them?

Once you can identify the shadow aspects of your psyche, you can learn to embrace the things you fear, and use them as agents for huge personal transformation and growth – and that’s what this course will help you do.

What Is This Course About?

In this course you will learn how your mind has developed through childhood and early adulthood to create the mental space you inhabit today.

You’ll understand how your most subtle fears were created and how they generate the same patterns of behaviour and thinking you can often get stuck in.

You’ll learn how your unconscious mind is trying to heal itself, often by presenting you with challenging scenarios, and how you can consciously transform yourself through awareness.

You’ll learn how to safely uncover your shadow and step into it. You’ll develop key skills to identify and embrace challenging emotions as they arise, and learn to harness their energy and unlock the wisdom they are trying to give you.

You’ll develop core emotional intelligence and develop mastery over your emotions, your mind, and ultimately your life experience.

What Is Included

  • Understanding what your fear is (your shadow)
  • Understanding how your personal shadow developed
  • Understanding your fears and triggers
  • Understanding your unconscious safety patterns
  • Learn how to become conscious of your fears
  • Learning how to engage your fears
  • Learning how to consciously transform your shadow
  • Learn key skills in emotional mastery
  • Learning the common pitfalls people fall into
  • Learn the practices you can do to strengthen your awareness and resilience
  • Cultivate self-compassion and forgiveness
  • Learning how to integrate into your daily life

What This Course Will Do For You

  • Help you understand your fears and how to consciously transform them
  • Help you become calmer, less afraid and more in control of your experience
  • Help you open up to new experiences you’ve been holding back from
  • Help you befriend your mind and your life

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About The Teacher

David Newell is the Founder of Inner Truth. Having burnt out in the corporate world, he spent six years studying psychology, spirituality and neuroscience to deeply understand the connection between mind, body and soul.

Through the weekly Inner Truth Podcast, David has shared his learnings with thousands of people all over the world and helped them connect to their inner wisdom and transform their lives.

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How Does It Work?

You will receive a total of 8 downloadable audio lessons totalling over 2 hours of listening time.

Each lesson includes tools for you to transform, utilizing either a meditation and/or a homework assignment to help you zero in on each aspect of the lesson.

Each lesson is yours to keep and you’ll be able to refer back to them whenever you want. And if you lose the files or change your listening device, each lesson will conveniently remain in your account so you won’t have to search for it when you’re ready to get back to it.

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