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An audio course for transforming your listening skills.

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Transform Your Relationships

Learn to how to listen and connect deeply with others

Living To Listen

Listening is not a natural function everyone is born with, nor is it a rare talent.

It is, in fact, an artful skill that can be learned by heartfelt practice.

The way we listen is integral to the quality of our relationships. Without the ability to truly listen, we cannot truly connect.

In this incredible course from listening expert Andrew Forsthoefel, you’ll learn how to transform your listening capabilities and with it, your relationships with your partner, friends, family and colleagues.

What Is This Course About?

Guided by a combination of storytelling and exercise, Living To Listen explores our deep human need to be listened to and how we can train ourselves to be compassionate, trustworthy listeners in each of our relationships.

The course teaches how to approach conversation, listen attentively to another and witness with compassion. Through unique insight and deep personal inquiry, Living To Listen helps us to identify and work through our own obstacles to listening, offering profound personal insights for inner transformation.

The course teaches a new, listening-based approach to life as a way of sensitizing ourselves to each moment—to wonder and to discover the insights hidden in plain sight.

Through resensitizing and learning deep listening, we can become attuned to what is happening in any given moment, and learn to respond in more skillful, compassionate ways, deepening our relationships.

What Is Included

  • Understand our core human need to be listened and witnessed
  • Understand the fundamentals of listening
  • Understand the dynamics of being a trustworthy listener
  • Identify + understand your own obstacles to listening
  • Learn how to pay quality attention to others
  • Learn how to witness others attentively and compassionately
  • Learn how to respond to skilfully in intimate sharing
  • Learning vulnerability as a core component of relating to others

What This Course Will Do For You

  • Help you learn the skills to become a trustworthy, compassionate listener
  • Deepen your emotional sensitivity and interpersonal vulnerability
  • Help transform your relationships with your partner, friends, family, and colleagues
  • Help uncover listening blocks in existing relationships + show you how to move through them

Audio Sample

About The Teacher

Andrew Forsthoefel is an author, speaker, and peace activist living in Massachusetts, USA. After graduating from Middlebury College, he spent eleven months trekking across the USA recording interviews with people along the way, studying what it means to listen.

He documented his learnings in his best-selling book Walking to Listen and co-produced a radio documentary about the project that was featured on and This American Life.


What Others Are Saying

“Andrew has taught me about the wholesomeness of my own beauty and worthiness—that all parts of myself, including the parts I’ve tried to run from or hide, deserve to be listened to and held with care. He’s taught me about how powerful I am, and that with intention and trust, anything is possible.” 
– B. W. 

“Through Andrew, I have challenged my greatest insecurities and overcome things I would have, before meeting him, never shared with others about myself. He’s shown me what complete trust in another human beings feels like. And in doing so he has reintroduced me to the true nature of love.” 
– L. H. 

“Andrew’s unique way of listening, I can only describe as ‘listening with his heart’, so that his words feel infused with love and he receives mine that way, as well. His caring presence easily creates a sense of safety and trust in a way that’s natural and authentic.” 
– M. S. F. 

“Forsthoefel’s invitation is simple: Listen. Yet this is a complex and timely challenge in a world saturated with talk.” 
– Nicole Furlonge

“In creating space for all perspectives, Andrew conveys the critical importance of hearing one another and how that process can be transformational.” 
– Lucia Mulder

How Does It Work?

You will receive a total of 5 downloadable audio lessons totalling around 4 hours of listening time.

Each lesson includes tools for you to transform, utilizing either a meditation and/or a homework assignment to help you zero in on each aspect of the lesson.

Each lesson is yours to keep and you’ll be able to refer back to them whenever you want. And if you lose the files or change your listening device, each lesson will conveniently remain in your account so you won’t have to search for it when you’re ready to get back to it.

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