Womb Intelligence: Reclaiming The Wisdom Of Female Biology

with Therese Jornlin

The Question

Life, death, rebirth. Expansion and contraction. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

These are the fundamentals and cycles of life as we know them.

Just as we look to the seasons and the stars for wisdom in their patterns, can we also see them within our own bodies?This is the question that has slowly unravelled within Therese Jornlin over the past 30 years as she has gone deeply into the wisdom of female biology and explored the innate intelligence of the womb cycle.

If you’ve been wondering about the wisdom of your body, this episode is for you.

Our Guest

therese 1

Therese Jornlin

Transformational Coach

Therese is inspired and prodded by her life-long interest in the relationship between the body and energy, spirit and matter. For over 25 years, she has worked in the field of holistic health as an educator, a transformational coach and practitioner of therapeutic bodywork.

In 1997 she attended a short lecture titled “Female Embodiment” by Tamara Slayton, Founder of The Initiatives for the Renewal of Modern Culture. This lecture greatly impacted her and prompted deeper studies about the relationship between the female fertility cycle and the health of women and communities

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The Talk

Central to Therese’s work is becoming deeply conscious of the womb cycle, fully aware of this most fundamental of biological cycles, and use it as an intimate re-grounding and re-connection process both with the earth and within.

In her course Women Awake, she deconstructs the cultural taboos around menstruation and our relationship to blood and instead teaches women to appreciate and elevate their cycle, to fully comprehend the mirror of their biological cycle to the ecology of the earth.

Just as the planet and all life goes through an inevitable cycle of birth and death and rebirth, so too women have this unique capacity to intimately know this process each month. When they can do so consciously, they can tap into a vast reservoir of inner knowing, the wisdom of the womb.

The effects of this reclamation process cannot be underestimated. The womb cycle can be a sacred process for greater personal understanding, spiritual wellbeing and embodied leadership.

I caught up with Therese to talk about her own story, the process of waking up to the womb and what it means for women both individually and collectively amongst the emerging cultural moment of female empowerment.

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The Questions

  • What was your journey into this work and what prompted your awakening into this field of intelligence?
  • How does the ecology of the female cycle relate to the ecology of the the earth?
  • What are women’s most common perceptions of their cycle?
  • How does the experience of their first cycle affect their perceptions going forward?
  • How does our cultural relationship to blood affect how the woman’s cycle is perceived?
  • How do you begin to ‘consciously cycle’?
  • What does the reclamation process look like?
  • What changes do you see in women that are mindfully cycling?
  • How does this impact our perspective on power and female leadership?
  • Where does womb intelligence sit in the overall women’s empowerment movement?

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