Why We Need To Listen To Children And Ourselves

with Roma Norriss

The Question

What can children teach us about our own inner child?

Is what they want from us (to be listened to), the same thing we all crave deep down?

This week we explore these questions of listening and connection as they relate to both children and parents and adult-to-adult relationships to see how witnessing and expression of feelings is absolutely vital to an emotionally healthy past, present and future.

If you’re interested in how to connect more deeply to yourself and others, this fascinating episode with the wonderful parenting counsellor Roma Norris is for you.

Our Guest


Roma Norriss

Parenting Counsellor

Active since 2003 as a birthworker, mother of two, ritualkeeper, facilitator and Hand in Hand Parenting consultant: Roma is lit up by listening, connection, intimacy and community. Her perspective is influenced by Binnie Dansby, who fostered an appreciation of the original intimacy; our earliest imprint, from where all our patterns stem.

Roma blogs and writes for publications like JUNO Magazine, The Practicing Midwife, Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society and Huffington Post. She consults internationally with individuals on parenting issues, birth preparation or resolution, and the impact of early trauma. Roma is an experienced speaker and is available for conferences, festivals and events.

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The Talk

This episode is all about listening, children and parenting. We talk a lot about how children can trigger our inner emotional blockages and how to avoid common responses of ignoring and distracting or trying to do the complete opposite, both of which are reactions that come from fear.

We speak about the innate desire we all have for connection, how we can starve ourselves of it through not listening and how we can reclaim it through renewed use of our attention and through simple listening practices.

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The Questions

  • What can children teach us about paying attention?
  • What constitutes good listening?
  • What is a listening partnership and how does it work?
  • How can children trigger our emotional blocks?
  • What should and should we not say when someone is expressing their emotions?
  • What is narrative cohesion?
  • What can we do to improve our parenting and listening?
  • How can parenting effectively change the world?

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