Why Do We Do Self Discovery?

with David Newell


The Talk

This week I hopped back behind the mic for the first time since September(!) to talk about why more and more people are getting into self-discovery + how to get deeper into it. Inner Truth has thousands of listeners now (thank you all!) with some truly remarkable stories of self realization.

This week I answered questions that have come up a lot from the community about certain self-discovery experiences, how to decide what’s right for you, and what it is at the very core that we’re all looking for :)⁠

In this week’s pod:⁠

• How to answer your own question: should I do a vision quest/vipassana/ayahuasca/toad medicine medicine?⁠
• What’s 100% a bad idea (a lesson from my 5-MEO experience)⁠
• Is there one source code, a grand plan, behind everything?⁠
• Why what you’re doing is in no way as important and why you’re doing it (and how to really figure out why you’re doing it)⁠
• What I’ve got planned for this year(!), what things i’ve cut out, and what I’m focussing on⁠
⁠• + BONUS: A sneak peak at some of the new guests lined up for 2020!⁠

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