What is Tantra?

Sexual and Life Mastery

with Shiva Rajaya

The Question

What does tantra mean to you?

A common view is that tantra is just about loud sex, wild rituals and the pursuit of hedonistic pleasure.

But look a bit more deeply and tantra is actually a huge body of ancient wisdom that encompasses the way we look at our body, mind and soul as well as our romantic relationships and the gifts we have to offer to the world.

As Osho says: “Tantra is about truly loving and embracing all of life, and through this love remembering our essence, the divine. Tantra is a life path. How we make love is how we create the life we lead and vice versa.”

To demystify things and learn about the simple tantric practices we can incorporate into our lives, I spoke with Shiva Rajaya, one of the best known tantra coaches in Bali.

If you’re interested in sexual and life mastery, this fascinating episode is for you.

Our Guest


Shiva Rajaya

Tantra Coach

Shiva Rajaya (Francisco Bujan), is a tantric coach, creator of Vital Coaching and one of the most respected tantra teachers in Bali.

For the past 20 years he has dedicated himself to deepening his knowledge in the field of tantra to explore its role in sex, body, mind, spirit and money. His core teachings, Vital Coaching, explore these five branches and the way in which you can channel tantric energy through them and into your life.

He is the author of a staggering 90 books, creator of 1,200 videos, 1,200 audios and 8’000 pages of articles and resources, most of which can be found online for free.

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The Talk

In this episode we talk about the five branches of tantra as Shiva teaches it, specifically in sex, mind, body, spirit and money.

We speak about how you can cultivate a tantric perspective and manifest tantric energies in each of these aspects of your life and why doing so will actually unleash your highest potential.

Shiva helped to clarify what exactly tantra is at its essence and how sacred sex is only a small fraction of the practices that fall under it. We spoke about many of the practices you can do in and out of the bedroom to infuse your life with tantric energy.

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The Questions

  • What actually is tantra? What is sacred sex?
  • What is tantric energy?
  • What is the difference between the conventional perspective of sex and an expanded (tantric) perspective?
  • Why is it good/healthy to explore an expanded relationship with sex?
  • What are some of the common fears/wounds/obstacles people have in this area of life and how can they be healed?
  • What practices can you do to practice tantra?
  • How does tantra fit into our relationship to our bodies?
  • How does tantra fit into money and our work?
  • How does sexual mastery relate to expanding our consciousness?

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