Unplugging From The Matrix

with Shaman Durek


Our Guest

shaman d

Shaman Durek

Spirit Shaman

Shaman Durek is a 3rd generation shaman who has devoted decades to study and practice in becoming a thought leader and spiritual enthusiast for people all over the world. His focus is educating people on how to make shamanism a life style choice for evolutionary adaptation. He is an author, activist and a women’s empowerment leader.

A spiritual guide and gifted healer, Shaman Durek acts as a mediator or ‘bridge’ between the spiritual and physical planes, applies ancient spiritual wisdom, coupled with decades of devoted study and practice, to help bring success, happiness and healing into people’s lives.

The Talk

This episode is amazing!

Probably one of my favourite interviews. In it we talk all about how ordinary life can feel like living in the matrix and what we can do to break out of it.

Shaman Durek is a 3rd generation Spirit Shaman – a spirit hacker – who works with all sorts of people from CEOs to royal families to Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Most importantly though he is just supremely committed to activating the best inside people, bringing out their light and life force.

Two crazy things to know about Shaman Durek.

One: He’s actually died and come back to life. Aged 30 after a number of seizures he was basically pronounced dead in a Hollywood hospital only to recover and continue onwards to help others.

Secondly: He’s been nicknamed Morpheus and in this episode you’ll find out why!

You can check out his amazing courses on his instagram.

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