The Age of Aquarius +

The Rise of Kundalini Yoga

with Trish Whelan


Our Guest

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Trish Whelan

Kundalini Yoga Teacher + Reiki Master + Shamanic Healing Practitioner

After growing up in Ireland, Trish Whelan moved to London where she spent the next 25 years working in the music industry. Her career led her to Ibiza in the year 2000, where she felt an instant connection.

A shift in consciousness saw Trish begin to study the healing arts, including Shamanic, Sound and Reiki healing – all of a sudden, she felt her life moving in a different direction.

In 2008, she discovered Kundalini yoga – a practice she now describes as “the best thing on the planet” and embarked on a path that would see her train to become a teacher, launch her own healing retreat company Soul Adventures and permanently relocate to the white isle, where she facilitates transformational healings and practices for students from all over the world.

The Talk

Trish Whelan is one of the best and most sought after Kundalini Yoga teachers in Ibiza + most importantly, an absolutely wonderful soul!

Go back 10 years and Kundalini was quite a fringe yoga modality (it still is to some extent) but it has seen an unmistakeable growth in the past decade and with good reason, it gets incredible results + quickly.

In this conversation we dived right in to why Kundalini is such a great technology for this time (the Age of Aquarius), how it can support you, and the best way to get involved.

We discussed the shifting astrological times, the practice of kundalini, how its creator’s predictions are all coming true, why Ibiza is a magnet for people + what you can practice at home to start feeling the benefits right away.

Want to learn more? Check out Soul Adventures for information on her amazing yoga retreats at her beautiful place in Ibiza.

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