The Wild, Life-Changing Adventure of Vision Quest

with David Newell + Special Guest


The Talk

Last month as part of my semi-annual tradition of launching myself into a self-discovery escapade of some kind, I set off to the Basque Country for a 12-day Vision Quest in the Spanish mountains.

Vision Quest is an old shamanic rite of passage that typically takes the subject off into the wilderness for a week with no food, no company, and no distractions. Once there, participants are encouraged to still their minds, become one with nature, and gain access to their wisdom mind for guidance on their true direction and purpose in life.

The experience is usually capped with a final initiation through a series of plant medicine ceremonies to learn from the plants and integrate insights from the mountain.

It was probably one of the best self-discovery I’ve ever been through. The combination of solitude, nature, fasting, shamanic teachings and plant ceremonies was a powerful formula for finding my centre, uncovering powerful personal insights, and opening up some exciting avenues ahead.

In this week’s convo I’m joined by my dear friend Brian who came on the retreat last minute and as a virgin to such experiences. We talk about why we went, what it was like, what we got out of it, and why it could be a great experience for you too.

As always, there’s no shortage of bizarre tales from the trip!

You’ll find it in all the usual haunts online.


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