The Profound Wisdom Of The Body

with John Prendergast Ph.D.

The Question

Beyond what we can understand with our rational minds, our bodies have an innate, natural sense of wisdom and truth.

We can deeply feel authenticity in ourselves and in others and as we slowly learn to trust this bodily wisdom we settle deeply and peacefully into ourselves.

This innate wisdom though is most often obscured by our conditioning, in particular the core limiting beliefs we hold, our reactive feelings and our somatic contractions that fuel our sense of struggle and veil who we really are.

If you’re interested in the wisdom of your body, this episode is for you.

Our Guest

john p

John Prendergast Ph.D.

Psychologist and Spiritual Author

John J. Prendergast, PhD, is a psychotherapist, retired professor of psychology, spiritual teacher, and founder and editor-in-chief of Undivided: The Online Journal of Nonduality and Psychology.

John is one of the foremost experts in somatic healing and psychotherapy and has bridged the latest findings in science and psychology with spirituality to present an enriched compass of our inner senses in his book In Touch.

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The Talk

Whilst this felt-sense of reality and capacity to access our deep inner truth is richly contemplated in Eastern spiritual traditions, almost nothing has been written about it in contemporary psychology and neuroscience.

In his book, In Touch, John peers deeply into this deeper dimension of wisdom that we all have access to. He speaks about the need to first pull back from excessive thinking and look to tune into ‘resonance’ as the launching point into this felt-sense of our lives.

As we develop our capacity to feel resonance, we can start to experiment with our felt-intuition, cultivating a newer and stronger relationship with this wisdom source. As we do so, we find much deeper congruence between our thinking, feeling and decision making and this harmony brings us into a deep felt sense of peace, open-heartedness and groundedness.

Eventually we may find ourselves permeating our sense of self entirely and connecting with others and the world around us in an entirely unified way. Whilst this process can feel immensely disorientating to our existing belief systems, we can learn to accept and embrace this zig-zag journey  and find deep lessons and insights along the way.

At the heart of his work is the message that our body is an exquisitely sensitive feeling instrument and as we learn to tune into its subtle signals, the gifts of greater clarity, healing and inner knowing await for us. As John sums up:

“We need to both sense and decode these signals if we are to benefit from them. These bodily markers are here to be seen and used as guides to enable us to more gracefully navigate life and to awaken. They are part of our birthright.”

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The Questions

  • What recent findings in neuroscience and psychology speak of the wisdom of the body?
  • What is resonance and how is it the starting point of a felt sense of reality?
  • Why do people run into problems following their intuition?
  • How does goal orientation and the mind create issues with our felt-sense of reality?
  • What at is the chakra model of the body and how does it detail our sensing capabilities?
  • How is the heart centre complicated in particular?
  • Why do we shut down our sensitivity?
  • What impact do limiting beliefs have on the body and our mind?
  • How can we work let go of limiting beliefs by focusing on our bodily tension?
  • What are the somatic markers of getting more in touch with our inner knowing?
  • What is happening when our body is going through different shifts in perception?
  • How does following our truth impact our alignment?
  • What does the courage to follow our inner truth look like?

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