The Privilege Of A Lifetime Is To Be Who You Are (Introducing Destiny)

with David Newell


The Talk

A year in the making and I’m honoured and privileged today to bring to the world one of the most powerful tools I’ve found in my years of self discovery.

In my experience I’ve seen that as humans we are all programmed with subconscious patterns through childhood that can block our true nature and as a result we can end up living off course, off-purpose or doubting our gifts.

So much of our true nature lies in the depths of our subconscious mind and our deepest longing and really the spiritual journey is to unveil that mystery to live in harmony with it.

We were each born with a unique purpose and a soul path that can be revealed by the archetypal code of our subconscious.

And today we launch The Destiny Course which through the ancient wisdom of the Tarot and Numerology in the Sphinx Code, unveils these precise insights for your persona life.

The Destiny Course is a 5-day journey into the blueprint of your subconscious mind through the ancient wisdom of the Sphinx Code. Using a unique algorithm combining the Tarot and Numerology, by placing your birth date into the system you will receive a map of the subconscious patterns and archetypes of your mind.

This blueprint reveals your hidden spiritual gifts, powers, and karma,  and gives you precise insight into your inner workings. It shows you:

  1. Your true inner essence and what you’re here to bring to the world
  2. The shadow patterns, psycho-emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs you’ve adopted from birth for transformation
  3. What your life mission is and how to align to it
  4. How to optimally express your gifts out into the world
  5. How to work with your archetypes for alignment + transformation

And much more…!

Why I brought this system to life to help you:

  1. Get ultra clarity on your gifts, your purpose and your mission + and get the courage and confidence to go out and ignite it
  2. Understand your shadow, realise the karma you have to transform, and have the tools to transcend that
  3. To help you navigate opportunities and obstacles and best align to your design

In today’s pod I talk about my own experience with it over the last 3 years, including some of the insane insights its given me and how much it has been able to reveal (or predict) about the thousands of others that have used it.

Destiny has officially launched and you can sign up to get your get your archetypal blueprint and training at:

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