The Power Of Sound

with Leo Cosendai


Our Guest


Leo Cosendai

Sound Meditation Teacher

Leo Cosendai is a teacher, speaker, and the founder of the #1 sound meditation app Third Ear.

Leo is changing the way people interact with sound as well as how we all perceive music. He has presented meditation through sound to over 1 million people with the help of his app.

He is also a HarperCollins author and teaches in London’s leading yoga studios and gives workshops, seminars and talks internationally. He has been featured widely in the press, appearing in The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Guardian, Mr. Porter, VICE, Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Evening Standard.

The Talk

Leo Consendai is London’s top Sound Meditation teacher + author + speaker as well as the Founder of the #1 Sound Meditation app Third Ear.

We sat down this week to talk about the ongoing sound revolution, including:

  • The science + spirit underlying sound meditation
  • The benefits (reduced stress, increased creativity, a greater sense of harmony)
  • Entrainment vs entertainment
  • What and how you can practice at home + on the move
  • Bio + life-hacking exercises to help you beam like the sun

His free sound meditation app Third Ear is an absolute peach + highly recommended.

Now is the time to get yourself GONGED.

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