The Power Of Plant Dietas

with Hamilton Souther


Our Guest


Hamilton Souther

Master Shaman

Master Shaman and Founder of Blue Morpho. Hamilton focuses his work on Universal Spiritual Philosophy and Mysticism.

He is bilingual in English and Spanish, has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology, and has studied shamanism in California, Cusco, and the Amazon. Hamilton was given the title of Master Shaman by Alberto Torres Davila and Julio Llerena Pinedo after completing an apprenticeship under Alberto and Julio. He guides ceremonies and leads shamanic workshops, in which he shares Universal Spiritual Philosophy.

The Talk

Hamilton Souther is a Master Shaman and the Founder of Blue Morpho Retreat Center in Peru.

In 2002, after graduating university as an Anthropologist, at the age of 23, Hamilton opened the first healing center in the Peruvian Amazon focusing on Amazonian natural medicine and the sustainable use of Amazonian Visionary Medicines. He was the first person in this field to be globally covered by western media including National Geographic Adventure, The New York Times, Oprah Magazine and Time.

Since COVID, Hamilton is spearheading the movement of wellness and lifestyle retreats from home via the Triniti retreat program.

In this conversation we talk about the not-often known discussed topics of plant dietas, that is fasting and consuming only a small selection of herbs to imbue and imbibe their spiritual qualities. The ancient practice can be done from home and is incredibly powerful for renewal.

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