The Power Of Music +

Story For Connection 

with Sam Lee


Our Guest

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Sam Lee


Sam Lee is a Mercury Prize nominated folk singer, song collector, award winning promoter, broadcaster, animateur, and naturalist.

Sam traverses many worlds, challenging and pioneering folk music in diverse places and ways. Not just a singer, his work fostering live music in the UK has been instrumental in the explosion of folk of the last decade.

Sam has a love for ancient story and is particularly interested in conscientiously gathering these from Gypsy Traveler camps and bring them to the mainstream, whether it be through his outdoor folk events or singing them for the Hollywood big screen.

The Talk

My guest this week is one of the UK’s finest folk musicians and a Mercury-prize nominated singer.

Sam Lee has been on my radar a while because his music and his events really speak to a lot of incredible tradition that can help connect us inward and discover our own story.

His music is deeply influenced by his own passion for folklore and myth and in creating it he has always been incredibly thoughtful about his choice of story and the instrumentation he pairs it with.

What is particularly beautiful is his love for connecting story, music, people and place.

If you look at the modern era, a lot of these old stories have been lost and the rituals and practices that would accompany them have fallen away too. But there is incredible power in these stories, if you think about it, as humans, stories are how we communicate some of the deepest truths of human behaviour and how we make sense of the world.

So in this discussion we went deep into what has inspired Sam to pursue the story-rich genre of folk, how he creates his music, and what he hopes to inspire in people with it.

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