The Art Of Seeing

with Hank Wesselman

The Question

“It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing.” – Carl Jung

Do you ever think that there is more to life than meet’s the eye?

That there is a world of things hidden amongst the world of things seen?

If you believe there could be something behind the veil of reality, this episode exploring shamanic eyesight is for you.

Our Guest


Hank Wesselman Ph.D.

Biologist, Author and Shaman

Hank Wesselman is an American anthropologist known primarily for his Spiritwalker trilogy of spiritual memoirs.

These unusual books are focused upon a series of altered state experiences that began spontaneously out in the bush of Africa and document his investigations into a hidden reality that most of us have heard about, but few have experienced directly. In his explorations of these inner worlds, Hank may have also provided us with a glimpse into the possible evolutionary future of humanity.

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The Talk

The shamanic discipline of life centers around exactly this, with practices that cultivate a way of seeing the hidden dynamics in life amongst the ordinary goings on, to turn the mirrors of form into windows of enlightenment.

For the most part though it is perhaps fair to say that we live anchored largely to the physical. The scientist, shamanist and doctor Hank Wesselman believes though that our ongoing bias towards objective knowledge has come at the cost of a deeper, intuitive rapport with nature and our spiritual selves. This he says has led to a disenchantment with the way things are and that our re-enchantment with the physical and spiritual world can come from cultivating this visionary ‘shamanic sight’.

Through his own experience walking the path of an evolutionary scientist to a Hawaiian shaman, he has danced in both worlds and drawn deep inspiration from his visionary experiences which he has faithfully documented in his popular book SpiritWalker.

Hank argues that Shamanism provides the perfect vehicle for approaching a goal of deepened intelligence and experiencing ourselves as an interface between the worlds of things seen and the worlds of things hidden.

In his words:

“There is new spiritual complex coming into being in our world. This mystical mosaic draws from many traditions and many cultures, and has the potential to refresh and perhaps replace our current mainstream religions with new perceptions and new insights.”

As we learn to see the world with renewed reverence again we can see the mystery of life with greater clarity and with it bring for the highest version of ourselves.

“Our practice is not to clear up the mystery. It is to make the mystery clear.” – Robert Aitkin Roshi

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The Questions

  • You’ve written many, many books over the years, what brought you to writing this one and what was the central question at the forefront of it?
  • Can you explain what you mean by the soul and how it tries to push us to our higher self?
  • What are the three qualities humans need to live a well-lived life?
  • 90% of our fears are psychological, archaic from early childhood. How do we steel ourselves to work through these primal fears?
  • How do you cultivate courage and bravery in people?
  • Do you think meaning in life can only really sustainably taken from following your soul’s purpose and any deviation from that is when we start to abstract ourselves from truth?
  • How important is humility to a well-lived life?
  • How difficult is it to remain humble later in life? The renewing act of humility?
  • How do you see love and self love in life? How important is it to try to cultivate both independently?
  • What advice do you give younger people starting out in life?

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