Tarot For The 21st Century

with Elaine Mary Collins


Our Guest


Elaine Mary Collins

Tarot Reader + Intuitive Healer

Elaine Mary Collins is one of the most sought after Tarot teachers in the world.

Based in Ibiza, she has been intuitively interpreting the Book of Wisdom, commonly known as the Tarot for more than 45 years, and began working with this oracle method at 15.

She is a talented physic and intuitive healer, having been featured in Elle magazine and many other publications over the years.

The Talk

Boom! Its a New Year and we are off to a fresh start with Inner Truth. Happy 2019!

It’s typically this time of year that we contemplate what has past and what will come for us over the next 12 months. All the life reflection, breakups, new romances, job searches, seem to come to fruition at this time.

So I thought it would be fun to kick things off with someone who makes predictions for a profession. Tarot is something has fascinated me for years, in particular its connection to archetypal psychology and Carl Jung’s work on the collective unconscious.

Do we all contain within us archetypes and stories that play out over our lives? Joseph Campbell’s famous work on the Hero’s Journey (the inspiration for Star Wars) certainly indicates so.

So I reached out to one of the foremost and talented Tarot card readers to talk about everything to do with the system as well as make some predictions for 2019.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Tarot is and how it was developed;
  • What a reading is really showing you;
  • How Tarot connects to the mind-matter quantum model of the universe;
  • Mind-bending synchronicities you can experience from Tarot;
  • What are archetypes and how do we express them in daily life;
  • What are the predictions for 2019;
  • How to get started in Tarot and use it for inform your life


Elaine runs retreats across on the island of Ibiza as well as seeing clients in person or via Skype.  She makes regular visits to London and Los Angeles and is invited to various other destinations with her work.

For information on workshops or speaker opportunities, please contact her via her website (www.elainemarycollins.com).

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