Taking The World’s Most Powerful Psychedelic 

with David Newell


The Talk

Three weeks ago on a relatively spare of the moment decision (call it divine inspiration), I smoked the venom of the Senoran Desert toad known as Bufo Alvarius.

The venom contains the chemical 5-MEO-DMT, commonly considered the most powerful psychedelic in the world.

Lord knows who tried it the first time (they probably had quite the shock), but when you smoke it, you essentially go through extremely rapid ego dissolution, lose all sense of your body + mind (as you know it) and become one with the universe.

It was simultaneously the most beautiful and terrifying experience of my life.

In this episode – a first solocast for Inner Truth – I share the story on why I did it, what it was like, what I learnt, and why I’ll never be the same again.

Buckle up for a comedy ride to the 10th dimension.

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