Opening Your Heart With Toltec Wisdom 

with HeatherAsh Amara


Our Guest

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HeatherAsh Amara

Spiritual Teacher + Author

HeatherAsh Amara is a teacher, speaker and author of the bestselling book Warrior Goddess Training. She has studied extensively in many spiritual practices an in particular the Toltec tradition under the tutelage of don Miguel Ruiz, bestselling author of The Four Agreements.

In her latest book, The Warrior Heart Practice she introduces a powerful Toltec practice to help reconnect with our sense of authenticity and inner-knowing and realign with our true nature.

The Warrior Heart Practice is a system based on the four chambered structure of the human heart. Walking through each of the four chambers―Feeling, Story, Truth, and Intent―one’s learn to take stock of their current emotional and mental state and reframe their situation in a new healing light.

The Talk

This week’s conversation looks at healing stuck emotions and the limiting stories we carry by using the power of your heart to open and dissolve these into limitless awareness.⁠

HeatherAsh Amara (@heatherashamara) is a teacher, speaker, best-selling author and apprentice to the legendary Toltec practitioner don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements). ⁠

In her new book, The Warrior Heart Practice she teaches an ancient Toltec practice to help reconnect to your heart and your inner-knowing to heal and find insight.⁠

The practice looks at the heart through four chambers and walking through each ―Feeling, Story, Truth, and Intent―you can learn to take stock of your current emotional and mental state and reframe your situation in a new healing light. ⁠

In this episode we walk through the process together to with examples from her therapeutic practice to show how you can self-heal and master this ancient wisdom for yourself. ⁠

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