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Anna Murray

Co-Founder of Patternity

Anna Murray is the co-founder of the Patternity –  a company dedicated to the conscious use of pattern in design to bring positive change to the world.

With a background in fine art photography, creative direction and strategy within the fashion, luxury and advertising industries, Anna founded the Patternity brand with designer Grace Winteringham in 2009.

Some of Patternity’s clients include John Lewis, M&S, BBC, NY Times and Nike.

Driven by the core belief that a shared awareness and understanding of pattern can have positive and wide reaching results, Anna is committed to exploring how and why a deeper public understanding of life’s many patterns can create more sustainable and connected ways of living – powering timely social and environmental change.

The Talk

Anna Murray is one of the co-founders of the awesome company Patternity and is someone who loves to explore patterns and the hidden role they play in our minds and in our lives.

Patternity started out nearly 10 years ago now as a simple blog sharing images comparing these patterns from things as unusual as smarties to window wipes to garden fences.

The project seemed to tap into people’s deep desire to find and make sense of these little maps of meaning in our lives and partnering up with Grace Winteringham they started up full time and now create patterns for major brands like John Lewis, Vogue and the BBC.

What’s really awesome is they’ve been looking more deeply into the wellness aspect of patterns recently and how they can promote mindfulness, stillness and a sense of connection as we learn to look around and feel a sense of intimacy with our surroundings once more.

Like me Anna went through corporate-life and also a downturn in wellbeing which we talk about in the episode and for me makes her journey into Patternity all the more inspiring.

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