Live Like You’re A Person Worth Living For

with Dr Deborah Zucker 

The Question

Are you deeply healthy? Not just free of disease or illness, but living with a profound sense of vitality that sustains you as you move through your life?

This can be hard to achieve in the midst of life’s competing priorities, whether it’s our families, our careers, our social lives, or our passions, our attention and care is often focused more on those around us than on ourselves. And, as a result, we get depleted.

If you’re feeling like your energy is getting run down despite your best efforts in life, this eye-opening episode on maintaining vitality is for you.

Our Guest


Dr. Deborah Zucker

Transformational Health Coach

Dr. Deborah Zucker is a naturopathic physician, transformational health coach, and author of The Vitality Map.

Thanks to a chronic health crisis that began in 1999, her life journey has led her to uncover a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about health and healing from the inside out.

What began as chronic fatigue, depression, and a host of other symptoms quickly evolved into an intimate encounter with every level of her being: body, psyche, emotions, and spirit, and an exploration into what it means and takes to be vital in today’s culture.

Her findings and coaching have been distilled into a powerful Vitality Map that charts at least nine key pillars in maintaining vitality, from cultivating self awareness and resilience, to balancing emotional mastery and shadow work.

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The Talk

Each year, thousands of new suggestions and books books are released offering quick, easy lifestyle changes that will lead you to a ‘promised land’ of vitality and boundless energy.

While many of these approaches are valid, few are built to last. When confronted with the inevitable pressures and old habits, our best intentions often crumble.

This is largely because most health solutions don’t go deep enough. They focus on symptoms, ingredients, habits, diets, and exercises. But they don’t get to the bottom of your fundamental relationship to health and how you care for yourself.

Through her own health crisis Dr. Deborah Zucker has discovered that the foundation for long-term health, vitality, and well-being, goes much deeper into how we look at and care for ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

Building on her experience, Deborah has discovered nine key vitality principles which we focus on in our discussion.

  • KEY #1: Honoring Your Unique Life
  • KEY #2: Facing and Embracing Your Shadows
  • KEY #3: Strengthening Your Self-Awareness Muscles
  • KEY #4: Cultivating Resilience
  • KEY #5: Aligning with Your “Yes!”
  • KEY #6: Experimenting with Playful Curiosity
  • KEY #7: Discovering Easeful Discipline
  • KEY #8: Inviting Support and Connection
  • KEY #9: Living Like You Matter

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The Questions

  • Can you start talking about how you came into this work and your health troubles back in 1999?
  • How did you make the choice to heal on your own?
  • How important is it to move away from short term ‘fixes’ to cure yourself and instead consider this a long term flourishing?
  • Why is a holistic approach to vitality beyond just food and exercise so important?
  • How does giving away a lot of yourself (through kindness to others) actually backfire to your own health?
  • How important do you think being at service is to vitality and how can we tell when we are going over our frontier?
  • How does our shadow / unloved aspects of ourselves play into our health?
  • How can we strengthen self awareness and really tune into ourselves? How can we get to that level of literacy?
  • How much of vitality is about cultivating an inner attitude of conscious awareness?
  • Cultivating resilience – how can we transform this mindfulness into resilience?
  • Aligning with our yes. How do we prune the things that are draining us?
  • How important is playfulness to our health?
  • Why is asking for help and vulnerability so important to us?

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