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with Joanna DeVoe


Our Guest

-1 - Joanna DeVoe

Joanna DeVoe

Podcast Host + Author

Joanna DeVoe is the life-loving creatrix behind all things Kickass Witch and the author of several ebooks & online programs, including the Rich Witch and The Psycho-Spiritual Wheel Of The Year. She also hosts a popular weekly podcast, Hippie Witch : Magick For A New Age and offers one on one coaching designed to help you create the kickass life of your dreams.

The Talk

This week’s episode features a comedic and beautiful mishmash of British and US self-discovery enthusiasts as I interviewed Joanna DeVoe, host of the popular and outrageously fun HiPPiE WiTCH podcast.

Champion of all things magic(k) and self-empowerment, she dropped into Inner Truth this week to talk about her incredible journey and share some wonderful insights on:

– What magic(k) means to her and how to bring it into your life
– Her best rituals and practices for self-awareness, self-love and self empowerment
– The life-changing power of symbolism and ceremony
– How to get real about your shadow and multi-faceted ways to process it
– Pitfalls in her journey and lessons we can all learn from
– How to be a light for yourself and your community

Check out some cool resources from Joanna:

The upcoming audio journey, “The Magick Star : A 5 Step Guide To Deliberate Creation”… and the ongoing audio journey, “Shadow Love : Return To The Seat Of The Soul.” Both on her website.


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