Life After The Dark Night Of The Soul

with Helen Morris


Our Guest


Helen Morris

Founder of Samsara Communications

Helen Morris is Founder of Samsara Communications, a wellness marketing and social media based in London that manages some of the top wellness names in the City.

She is also a certified yoga teacher, speaks Spanish, practices daily meditation, contributes to The Numinous, Happiness and Wellbeing, Psycle’s Inspire and other wellness publications. She has also featured as an expert speaker on wellness marketing at Escape The City and Enterprise Nation events and was part of a female founder delegate invited to advise the Prime Minister’s business advisor at 10 Downing Street.

The Talk

Many of us have had dark night of the soul moments in our lives (also affectionately titled as quarter life crises, Saturn returns, general life fuck ups)… and the process of recovery, healing, and flourishing from these moments is anything but quick and easy.⁠

This week I invited a dear friend, fellow dark-nighter, and successful conscious entrepreneur Helen Morris (@samsaracommunications), onto the pod to talk about her experience and journey thus far.⁠

Around five years ago she went through a monumental crisis culminating in being house-bound for a month. In truth it was a long time coming from many years of burning the candle in the PR business but also feeling astray and disconnected from her body, from her work, and from life in general.⁠

Many listeners (and myself) have been through a similar experience and what makes Helen quite inspirational has been her process of personal healing whilst also building her epic wellness PR agency Samsara Communications.⁠

Yet still, growth is a struggle. ⁠

In this week’s episode we had a stripped back conversation about our dark nights, rebuilding life in the aftermath, dealing with ongoing pressures and conditioning, and why it continues to be a step-by-step journey each day. ⁠

Dedicated to a growing community of people rising back up :)⁠

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