Law Of Attraction vs Law Of Expectation

with Larry Armstead


Our Guest

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Larry Armstead

Expectation Coach

Larry Armstead II is an expectation coach and inspirational speaker that is taking the world by storm. Seeing a need for a step over the law of attraction, Larry Armstead II heard these words during his nightly meditation that forever transformed his life: “in life, we don’t get what we want. We get what we expect.” That caused him to chase this wisdom like a madman. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Spanish and a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.

The Talk

The Law Of Attraction is probably one of the most well-addressed topics of the New Age, and yet mastering it still remains elusive.

Since the popular film ‘The Secret’, hundreds of writers have filled the gap on the ‘how’ of attraction, leaving the landscape somewhat confusing.

This week I spoke with the Expectation Coach Larry Armstead III who’s new best-selling book takes a different tact. It’s not the Law Of Attraction we need to be aware of, it’s the Law Of Expectation.

It’s what you expect that manifests.

In this episode we covered:

  • Why the Law Of Attraction fails so many people
  • How it’s your expectations that are really in control
  • How to program your expectations
  • Larry’s personal stories of success with this
  • Why the ‘why’ of your expectations is much more important than the ‘what’

Larry’s book is amusingly titled Where’s My Pizza?

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