How To Uncover Your Family Dynamics 

with Stefan Jovanović


Our Guest


Stefan Jovanović

System Family Constellations Facilitator

Stefan Jovanović is an architect, choreographer, therapist and the artistic director of dance-architecture company Studio Stefan Jovanović and therapy practice Kinship Constellations. Whilst qualifying as an architect at the AA School of Architecture and establishing a career in the performing arts, he trained as a systemic family constellator with the Centre for Systemic Constellations and somatic therapist with SOSI UK; integrating these therapeutic modalities into his choreographic practice. He creates spaces and performances about the kinships of tomorrow, radical togetherness, and the healing of social and archetypal trauma.

His most recent performance piece, Constellations, premiered at Sadler’s Wells in London (2019), invoking archetypal drag personas, gender fluidity and social dancing as a way to invite audiences to reconsider who holds marginal and dominant roles in society. He holds workshops and teaches regularly at Independent Dance, Royal College of Art, London Contemporary Dance School and the AA. He has most recently started a series of online meditations merging trauma healing with the systemic stance.

The Talk

Stefan Jovanović is an architect, dance-theatre-maker, and trained facilitator in Systemic Family Constellations.

Developed by Bert Hellinger, the German psychotherapist, Family Constellations are a way of working with and through issues within human systems (particularly within family).

In Systemic Constellations, a model of a family (a system) is set up with volunteer representatives, objects or guided visualizations. Participants are chosen to represent members or elements of the family or organization that is being addressed. In this process hidden and unexpected dynamics operating within the system are revealed and addressed in a way that aims to find a healthy and respectful place for all members of the system in question.

A bedrock principle is that each family system has a conscience that requires that all members be connected and remembered in a particular way. If someone in the system is not remembered correctly then younger members, out of love or the need to belong, can become “entangled” with their ancestors, particularly with those who have been excluded, forgotten or shunned or have experienced a difficult fate. Unconscious entanglements are behind many of the issues that are explored in these constellations.

Long a fascination of mine, in this conversation I brought Stefan on to talk about his first experience doing a family constellation and what you can uncover from participating in one of these workshops too.

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