Healing + Female Empowerment

with Diahann Loveholder


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Diahann Loveholder

Co-Founder of Urban Avatars

Diahann Loveholder is the co-founder of Urban Avatars – an organization set up with her husband Felix to bring mixed spiritual arts to London and the world.

She’s trained in an incredible array of healing modalities, from yoga, to theta healing, shamanism, hypnobirthing and running cacao ceremonies.

Dee is really passionate about creating healing and empowering spaces for women. Her ceremonies across London are regularly packed out with incredible feedback from all the women involved.

The Talk

Dee LoveHolder is a truly wonderful soul.

One of those people full of love and light and totally committed to helping others.

She is the co-founder of Urban Avatars – an organization dedicated to bringing mixed spiritual arts to the world, which she co-runs with her husband Felix.

She spent her 20s travelling a great deal and learning a whole host of spiritual healing modalities. She’s trained in everything under the sun from yoga, to theta healing, hypnobirthing, and running cacao ceremonies.

At the centre of this work she places a deep focus on creating healing and empowering spaces, particularly to help women to heal and thrive.

She’s doing amazing work supporting women in London through her ceremonies and teaching.

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