Gathering Minds For Expansion

with Jess Lewis


Our Guest


Jess Lewis

Founder of Gathering of Minds

Jess Lewis is the Founder of Gathering of Minds, a social movement based in London which creates events + talks to support a global shift in consciousness.

Each month, GoM gathers together expert speakers from around the world to speak on all topics of conscious expansion like plant medicine, consciousness, the law of attraction, lucid dreaming, positive psychology and many more.

Jess founded GoM after her own incredible journey through mental health.

The Talk

Jess Lewis is someone you seriously cannot put into a box!

She’s been a model, a boxer, and now she’s the founder of the amazing Gathering of Minds which brings together all sorts of wonderful people at the frontier of consciousness to give TedEx style talks and share their wisdom about adversity they’ve overcome and how they’ve done it.

In its 5th year in London, GoM is an awesome way to meet people doing truly fascinating work in the field of consciousness expansion.

Supporting a global shift in consciousness is a major thing for Jess and both plant medicine + shamanism have played a big role in her life.

There’s a whole bunch of amazing stuff in this interview that I had no idea about so listen out for some serious shamanic wisdom.

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