Finding Your Creative Self

with Cathy Wild

The Question

What really defines a creative person? Do you have to have artistic talent or is it something we can all express in some way? Picasso once said we are all born artists so where does all of that creative potential go?

One of the sorrows of the modern workplace is that perhaps we don’t always get to use our creative potential, particularly in the rush to specialization. So how then can we unearth and develop this creative potential to bring about greater personal fulfilment?

If you don’t think you’re creative or have been putting off your dreams, this episode is for you.

Our Guest


Cathy Wild

Creativity Therapist

Cathy has spent more than 30 years developing innovative approaches to healing that integrate powerful body-centered techniques with the creative process.

A pioneer in somatic counseling, the expressive arts, and the field of life coaching, Cathy has also been featured as a creativity expert on the PBS television series, In the Prime. For many years, she wrote Wild Ideas, a column about personal growth and creative living that inspired her award-winning book by the same name.

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The Talk

To help navigate these questions I reached out to Cathy Wild, a specialist of more than 30 years in the creative process and someone who works to guide people into their innermost selves to discover their creative potential.

The author of the award-winning book, Wild Ideas, she frames the creative process as a two track journey. Firstly, into the heart and imagination through our curiosities and passions and then secondly through our rational, analytical mind, conquering our fears and doubts along the way to bring our dreams to fruition.

In this way, creativity is as much about the courage to overcome our own limiting beliefs, as it is creative talent to come up with ideas to begin with. As she describes it:

“The difference between a person who creates and one who doesn’t has less to do with talent and more to do with willingness to wrestle with the doubts and discomforts of the creative journey.”

Creativity is a powerful process of self-discovery that tests us, breaks us and ultimately makes us whole again. The art of it then, is to know how creativity evolves so you can skilfully navigate the process and help realise your dreams.

Most important is to recognise that wherever you are and wherever you want to be, nothing you have done prior is without value for weaving a new creative outcome.

Summing up:

“Nothing in your life is wasted. The creative process is about how do you tap all of these strands of experience and turn that into something that is going to be fulfilling for you and also serve the world.”

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The Questions

  • How do you find your creative self?
  • How important are questions to the creative process?
  • How can we nurture ourselves through the doubts and discomforts of the creative process?
  • How do you weigh risk when pursuing your dream? How do you make the decision?
  • How can we think constructively about failure?
  • What is the difference between necessary and unnecessary suffering in creativity?
  • How important is finding your purpose to the creative process?
  • How does intuited wisdom come into play in creativity?
  • What should we always remember when pursuing our dreams?

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