Finding Flow State And the Courage To Trust It

with Jiro Taylor

The Question

How can we learn to master our minds?

For thousands of years those deep into the Eastern wisdom traditions have espoused meditation and altered states of consciousness as the path to finding our deepest wisdom and the clearest path in life.

Now – in the 21st century – a new wave of consciousness-trailblazers are bringing these ancient practices into a contemporary light with the flow state movement.

This movement is concerned with helping people access flow state in their day to day to achieve peak performance in their work and personal lives.

Our Guest

jiro taylor

Jiro Taylor

Jungian Psychologist and Spiritual Author

Jiro, the founder of social enterprise Flowstate, is a trailblazer in the flow state movement and helps bring these teachings to technology company founders.

Laying the groundwork for peak performance with these high-performing individuals, he aims to leverage the power their disruptive companies to bring about massive societal change.

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The Talk

Flow state is a state of consciousness perhaps best characterised as one of no-mind, a place of no-thought and self forgetting, similar to that you might experience in surfing or snowboarding. The rational, logical mind is suspended and a deeper knowing takes over to guide you to peak performance.

This transcendent state is being studied with increasing ferocity by the likes of Stephen Kotler, the author of the groundbreaking book Stealing Fire, who has found it to be a key component of elite teams and organizations around the world.

More interesting perhaps is the deeper work that accompanies achieving these peak states of consciousness. When you tap into heightened states, you then need to find the courage and resolve to trust in these new, often scary intuitions, to affect the change in your life.

That’s where flow state coaches like Jiro Taylor come into their own.

I caught up with Jiro to learn about what it takes to follow the twin-path of accessing the flow state of consciousness and then doing the soul-work needed to bring it back into your daily life.

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The Questions

  • How did you get into the work you’re in? What was the story from burnout to flow state coach?
  • What is flow state and what is the spectrum of consciousness that we typically find ourselves in?
  • How does the flow cycle work and how does it move you into flow state?
  • What does it feel like to be in flow state?
  • How does flow give you effortless results?
  • Where do you see most people falling down in their live and in their work?
  • Do people have difficulties learning to trust the insights from flow state? How do you work through this?
  • What habits do you look to cultivate in people?
  • What kind of changes do you see in people that are readily work with flow state?
  • How do you see flow and synchronicity in life blended together?
  • What do you see as the future for flow state and the consciousness movement?

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