Embodiment +

The Feminine Frequencies

with Nadine Lee

The Question

What does it mean to properly inhabit our bodies?

What lies within us that we can tap into through greater understanding of our feelings, emotions and biology?

Embodiment Coach Nadine Lee talks about what it means to reawaken our often depleted sensuality, reconnect to our bodies and access our unique wisdom.

If you’re interested in how to really feel fully alive, this is an episode for you.

Our Guest


Nadine Lee

Tantrica & Embodiment Coach

Nadine Lee is a Tantra Yoga Teacher; Feminine Embodiment Coach & Nutritionist; with one primary focus ~ connection to the heart.

Nadine is the founder of Tantric Alchemy, birthed from her own passion for supporting & empowering others in connecting to the sacred within & without; to liberating their true essence & penetrating this into how they show up in the world.

Nadine is passionate about supporting others to break free from what ever is holding them back from living their truest potential. She offers her light through Events & Retreats, Resources & 1:1 Coaching.

Truth is Beautiful.

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The Talk

This episode is all about embodiment, connecting to our bodies, our feelings, our emotions, as our central guiding system of wisdom.

Nadine is a female embodiment expert and tantrica, and a good friend of mine from Bali. She specialises in helping people get back in touch with their feelings, emotions and inner wisdom through embodied practices like dance, breath work and conscious cycling.

In this episode we went deep into her story and journey into this work and how its benefited her and many other people that feel disconnected from their bodies and their innate wisdom.

We spoke about masculinity and femininity in this modern climate and what its means for both sides in terms of transition and new understanding.

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The Questions

  • What do we mean by embodiment?
  • What causes us to come out of our bodies?
  • How do we store connection to ourselves?
  • What is conscious cycling and womb wisdom?
  • Why is it important for women to do this?
  • How can men benefit from this knowledge?
  • What do you think is happening in the cultural landscape for women?
  • How can men and women help each other to rise together?

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