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with Adam Wilder


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Adam Wilder

Founder of Togetherness + Shhh Dating

Adam Wilder is all about making intimacy and human connection more accessible and central to culture.

Over the last 15 years Adam has set up clowning retreats in nature, run a mobile sauna, trained in shamanic theatre, travelled the world as a ‘spiritual entertainer’ and studied tantra.

In 2013 he started the worlds first silent dating company called Shhh Dating. Most recently he founded Togetherness – an amazing festival for human connection – that brings together some of the best intimacy specialists to help people break down barriers and reconnect again.

The Talk

This episode is amazing!

Adam is a a true gem of a human. I first heard about him a few years back when silent speed dating broke onto the scene in London. I knew then that this guy would be mischief making for a long time to come.

Adam’s passion is in bringing people together, to improve human connection across the globe. Since his silent speed dating idea took off he’s come out with a string of wonderful, creative ways to connect people, from clowning in nature to hot tubs on the riverbank in London.

Most recently he’s been killing it with a new festival for human connection called Togetherness which is an absolute must to check out if you want an experience like no other.

The thing I love about Adam is his goal is just so pure, to bring down the barriers between people and help them realise that we’re all ultimately the same.

He’s unashamed, unafraid, bold and creative. A true visionary for our time.

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