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Rob Da Bank

Founder of Bestival + DJ + Record Label Owner

Rob da Bank has been in the music industry for over 20 years, first as a journalist, then as a DJ and most recently as the co-founder of the powerhouse music festivals Bestival and Camp Bestival.

Years back he presented a show on BBC Radio 1 which focused on promoting new left field music. The music played by Rob helped launch “bar culture” in the UK.

His company, Sunday Best, has grown to incorporate a record label and the two music festivals. Bestival is one the largest festivals in the UK and is famed for its innovative festival activities, stage designs, and line ups.

The Talk

This episode is all about building your dreams but doing it with patience, perseverance, and uniqueness.

In the music industry for over 20 years, first as a journalist, then breaking into DJing with a regular spot on BBC Radio 1 as well as managing talent under his own record label, Rob then partnered with his wife Jocie to building out their own independent music festival which has grown over the last 15 years into the mega event that is Bestival.

What I love about Rob is he is super down to earth despite being clearly incredibly talented and organised to run everything he has done successfully.

I caught up with him in the days just before Bestival 2018. You might hear a few trucks and things moving as he was on the build site as we were speaking!

Stay tuned to the end for some great advice about building your dreams.

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