Back With A Bang…! (Introducing Transcendence)

with David Newell


The Talk


It’s is so good to be back after a 2 month hiatus over the Summer to rest and refresh my weary soul!

Much of the downtime was spent finishing the next step of the Sphinx Code archetypal journey that so many of you signed up for in April this year (Destiny)!

Today I’m so excited to announced the release of the next step, Transcendence! This brand new course goes from the 6 archetypes of Destiny to all 16 archetypes of your full Sphinx Code Blueprint!

Now we explore your full feminine and masculine archetypes looking at how they impact your work and intimate relationships. Over an 8-part journey I teach you how to read your own archetypal blueprint and get some incredible psychological insight into your inner being as well know your soul mission ahead.

This week’s episode talks about the journey in full.

To sign up, go to the Transcendence Course. The program is $395, paid via an accountability deposit scheme so that you can try the course and if aren’t sufficiently amazed, contact us for a full refund.

Much love!

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