The Miracles Of Nature

with Andy Raingold


Our Guest

andy rain

Andy Raingold

Co-Founder of Change In Nature

For over seven years, Andy was the Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, working in the corridors of power with CEOs, Government Ministers and thought leaders to drive action for a more sustainable world.

However, he found that systemic change rooted in rational argument alone was inherently transient and unstable. He felt it had to be combined with personal change to be more resilient and effective.

Andy left to travel and then return as the co-Founder of Change In Nature, an organization that hosts nature connection, leadership, sustainability and mindfulness retreats and workshops, with the intention of inspiring transformative, long-lasting change.

The Talk

This episode we’re talking all about re-wilding the body, mind and soul.

That majestic feeling you get when you’ve spent the weekend at the coast or hiking in the woods? That’s re-wilding.

Andy Raingold of Change In Nature, specialises in just that. Taking people out of themselves and back into nature to create transformational reconnection experiences.

I’ve heard so many good things from people about what happens on his retreats and how it affects their lives. Just check out their website of testimonials.

He is insanely passionate about reconnecting people with nature and themselves, and is both super knowledgeable and humble.

He told me that in the UK people spend only 5% of there time outdoors. Can you believe that?

Wherever you are, see if you can go and listen to this outside if you can.

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