Rebooting Life: Alcohol-Free

with Ruari Fairbairns


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Ruari Fairbairns

Co-Founder of One Year No Beer

Ruari grew up on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, where he set up his first business selling and servicing PCs on the island at 16. He followed a career in sales and at the age of 25 he found himself in London as a commodities broker. He quickly established himself as a success and 10 years on he set up and manages one of the leading Jet Fuel desks.

Three years ago, after a few failed attempts, Ruari quit drinking, and it fundamentally changed his life. Together with a colleague they decided to create something to change the peer pressure around giving up drinking. The result: One Year No Beer.

The Talk

One Year No Beer and its Co-Founder Ruari Fairbairns are taking the world by storm.

The 30, 90 and 365 alcohol-free challenges set by him and the OYNB platform have proved insanely successful over the last three years, with tens of thousands of completions and a 95%+ success rate at keeping people off the booze.

Testimonials from participants that have completed the challenges are absolutely fire so I sat down with Ruari to talk about how they are doing it, why it’s so successful, and why going alcohol-free is only the beginning.

There’s some great advice and encouragement if you’re considering going sober. I went fully sober six months ago and I probably could have benefitted from OYNB myself rather than the solo-effort I made!

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