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The Inner Truth Podcast

We believe courageous conversations heal and inspire.

Each week on The Inner Truth Podcast, we gather together leading writers, artists, and entrepreneurs, to share their stories and soul wisdom with you.

These conversations are aimed at inspiring you to connect inward, reflect, and  discover your inner wisdom.

What Can You Expect?

Inner Truth looks at the central questions of human life, what does it mean to be human, and how can we be fully alive?

We explore answers to these questions by sharing insights from expert life wisdom keepers as well as leading thinkers in spirituality, psychology, philosophy and healing.

We also bring inner work into the real world through conversations on meditation, yoga, shamanism and reconnection with nature as pathways into the true self.

If you’re on a path of personal inquiry or just curious about life, The Inner Truth Podcast is about opening up your mind, body and soul.

The Host


David Newell

Founder of Inner Truth

I started life in investment banking, burnt out and sought to find answers about what it means to be human and feel truly alive.

Nowadays, I live to share soul-wisdom so you can better understand and connect with your inner life.

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