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An audio platform for self-discovery

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Inner Revolution

An audio platform for self-discovery


to share soul wisdom

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Life wisdom + soulful stories + inspiring conversations

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Audio courses for self discovery + life inspiration

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A mindful community of Truth Seekers to celebrate + help each other

What Is Inner Truth?

A Compass For Your

Inner Life

Inner Truth is the UK’s pioneering audio platform for self-discovery.

We create deep and soulful content to help you connect to your inner life, understand yourself, and discover your true purpose.

We empower people to find their inner truth through self-inquiry. 

About Me

I’m David Newell, the Founder of Inner Truth.

I started life in investment banking, burnt out and sought to find answers about what it means to be human and feel truly alive.

Nowadays, I live to share soul-wisdom so you can better understand yourself and discover your inner truth.

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Inspiration for self discovery

Reconnect each week


Inner Truth


Inspiration for self-discovery


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Audio courses for self-discovery 
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Discover Your

True Self

Audio courses for self-discovery 


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